Connection through Loss

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Loved having a couple of my girls come visit me today. I love you both very much. You help to save me every day 💞💞 Connie, our boys knew we needed each other 💙💙

Finding purpose and meaning in life…

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Happy Birthday Dad… Losing you and Rob within nine months of each other has profoundly changed the course of my existence, and it has led me on a journey of finding purpose and meaning in life. Thank you for all of the important life lessons you taught me while here. The most important one being… don’t ever pass up an opportunity to tell people what they mean to you and how much you love them. I was blessed to be … Read More

“I live in the Joey V. House”

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A message from Tim Webber… On May 19, 2002, my very good friend, Joe, died Sunday after the Preakness. Joe loved horse racing; in fact, a racehorse was named after him. He was my best friend in high school, and years later, while there were a few separations due to moves and life, we remained best friends until the day he passed. As an Atholton High School junior, he won the state high school golf championship, known as the Junior … Read More

Without love, understanding and compassion, people will never receive the help that they deserve.

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This week has been very difficult to say the least. There have been many challenges surrounding addiction. With relapse, manipulation and mental health issues, it has been very difficult to navigate through this week. It all came to a head this morning, when a nurse at GBMC attempted to try and make me feel horrible, when I was trying desperately to help a woman who needed psychiatric help. Without love, understanding and compassion, people will never receive the help that … Read More

7th Annual Drug Overdose & Prevention Vigil

Rob, every year I light a candle for you at the Annual Drug Overdose & Prevention Vigil. This year, the 7th, my candle was also lit for the children of the beautiful friends that you have brought to me, the people that you have sent to me to try and help that have lost their battles and for all who have died from the disease of addiction. The Vigil is a reminder that our community stands together in unity. Hosted … Read More

Drug Overdose Takes Another Life

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Ciara McVicker was a recent resident at Reclaiming My Life. She relapsed at the house, and we sent her back to treatment. Unfortunately, she lost her battle to addiction last night. She leaves behind a very young son. Rest In Peace and Love, Ciara

There is no coming back from losing a child.

I often post about all of the gifts that Rob brings to me; there are too many to count. However, it is difficult for me to talk about the pain. Last Thursday, I spoke at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church’s recovery service. There were many people there who were struggling to get their lives back. I found myself feeling safe enough to get vulnerable. I talked about the pain…. There is no coming back from losing a child. I’ve been … Read More

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