Real Talk: Recovery Episode Trailer

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Real Talk: Recovery. When it comes to recovery from addiction, everyone’s journey is different, and so are their needs. Join host, Tim Weber, as he talks with parents, treatment providers and individuals about their road to recovery, on our next episode of Real Talk. Premiering February 3rd at 11PM on cable channel HD-1086 Copyright © Community Media Center of Carroll County. Inc. 2022

Rising Above Addiction PSA (30 Second Version)

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Check out this public service announcement from Rising Above Addiction’s President & CEO, Tammy Lofink, to hear a message of hope and healing. Does your son or daughter struggle with addiction? Are you looking for help? About 7 years ago, I lost my 18-year old son Robert to an overdose. That’s why I founded Rising Above Addiction. RAA is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization. We can help you to navigate the treatment system, and the cost. You are not alone. Thank … Read More

I can pause for a moment…

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My grief feels like I am climbing up a mountain every day. For the most part, I can endure the climb. However, every once in a while I need to find a ledge, take a breath, and rest for a while. California is a ledge for me. It is a break from my heavy grief. Here, I can take a breath, reflect, and allow myself to feel some of my loss. And, although I know that I must continue to … Read More

Finding bravery in vulnerability…

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Please watch this video – it is a video that I re-shared on Facebook. I ask that anyone who watches this video to please be understanding to the sensitivity of the matter. This young woman is being so brave, allowing herself to be this vulnerable… in the hope of helping others understand the disease of addiction, in the hope of letting people know that they are not alone, and in the hope of changing how addiction is viewed. This … Read More

Mason Ryleigh 💗 Robert Mason

Happy New Year… I am not big on new year, new beginnings. Never wait for tomorrow to be your best self. However, it does seem like the right time to share this… Years ago, Sarah was court ordered to obtain sober living in Carroll County. She was from Alabama, but living in Anne Arundel County. She hated Carroll County. She ended up at Rob’s house. Meanwhile, Morgana wanted to come to Rob’s house, but we could not accept her because … Read More

A Gift from Kristi…

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Kristi, you coming to the house, was not only meant be be, but has also helped to further my faith that Rob is present in all that I do. Thank you for helping me to have faith that I will see Rob again 🙏 Thank you for the beautiful Christmas gift. I love it!  

A Healing Dinner

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We had a wonderful night, surrounded by wonderful people. A few of us have lost our children to the disease of addiction, and others have dedicated their lives to helping those struggling with addiction. Thank you, Tom, for inviting us all to gather for dinner and great conversation.

A message from Cassie Kimble…

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This is an appreciation post for all the people bringing that energy and good karma and opportunity in my life currently. I was homeless this winter 3 years ago, and I was getting high to the point I didn’t even get to have a Christmas with my family the year after because I was in treatment. Had I not been in treatment I wouldn’t have been lucid enough to function anyways. Then last year I swore I’d go to treatment … Read More

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