Opened June 2017 in Westminster, Maryland

We are excited to announce that Rising Above Addiction has taken on a new endeavor. We have opened a Girl’s Sober Home in Westminster Maryland. This will be a place of healing and new beginnings. We will provide these young ladies with a safe and loving environment, while helping to guide them on a path to recovery. We are so honored and humbled to be trusted to provide this critical need in our community. Reclaiming My Life is a Twelve Step Recovery House. Residents can expect the following:
  • Twelve Step Recovery House
  • 30-Day Probation Period
  • Passes are Earned After Probation Period
  • Medication Assisted Treatment Prohibited
  • Obtain Employment within First Two Weeks
  • Regular Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Daily Chores
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • House Manager Lives Onsite

Ready to begin your journey to recovery?

Please fill out the forms provided below:

Intake Form (PDF)

Client Rules & Regulations Contract (PDF)

If you, or somebody you know is in need of sober living, please contact us.

Welcome to Rising Above Addiction’s new venture….. Reclaiming My Life!

The house is named in memory of Robert Mason Lofink.