Guest Speaker: Dimitri Vourlos

Thank you Dimitri Vourlos for speaking at the Rising Above Addiction and Weber Sober Homes end-of-summer cookout. Your message was incredible, and it was full of hope for a purposeful life in the journey of recovery. Thanks to everyone who came. It was a great day! Twelve to Life MC

Running to Rob’s House

I have had a goal to run to Rob’s house for a long time. I decided today was the day. I was running on 97 and saw the police were closing the road ahead. When I got to closure, the cops tried to make me turn around, but decided to let me continue. I saw that there was an accident, and that there was a dead deer in the middle of the road. I continued on my run and hopped … Read More

Letters to Rob: Six Years Later…

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Tomorrow, it will be six years since my beautiful son, Rob passed away. I write him a letter each year. It helps me to process his death, and I pray that somehow he is able to receive it. I hope that it can also help others who might be experiencing the same pain. Robert Mason Lofink 02/21/96 – 09/14/14 Dear Robert, I can still hear the screams coming from Meaghan and Leah. I can still see myself standing in your … Read More

2021 Drug & Violence Awareness Expo

The Expo is Going Virtual on April 8, 2021 The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce is presenting the 7th annual Drug and Violence Awareness Expo on Thursday April 8, 2021. Due to COVID-19 changes needed to be made for the expo to continue safely. To accomplish this an expanded and interactive website is being created. The Drug and Violence Awareness Expo website will be accessible by every eighth grade and high school student of the Carroll County Public school system, all … Read More

Letters to Rob… your 25th birthday…

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Most people know that I write Rob a letter each year on his birthday. Tomorrow is his birthday, and he would have turned 25. For me, he is still very much present, has accomplished so much, and has helped countless people since his death. It is easier for me to share this letter the day before his birthday… Dear Robert, Happy Birthday! Today you would have turned 25. Just saying that out loud is heartbreaking. Twenty-five! Twenty-five should be the … Read More

Tammy Lofink shares her story with DAR

Kenna, It was a pleasure! Thank you for having me out this morning, and thank you for your continued support. Tammy Our DAR met this morning. I had invited Tammy Lofink as our guest speaker. Tammy shared her story of losing her son to addiction and wanting to help others in our community by forming her foundation “Rising Against Addiction.” Our members asked a lot of great questions. My daughter lived in one of Tammy’s sober homes. This subject is … Read More

Twelve To Life raises $1,500.00 for Rising Above Addiction

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Twelve To Life MC would like to say THANK YOU to all of our supporters and sponsors who helped make this possible! With your donations and support we helped many people in recovery at Rising Above Addiction. We couldn’t do it without you! Lets make this year bigger and better! Addiction and suicide has risen 30% and our community needs our help. Looking forward to seeing you all at our next event!!! STAY TUNED!!!

A note from Lindsey Staymates…

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I can remember my last day using like it was yesterday, even though it was back in March of 2018. I sometimes wish that I didn’t have the memories of constant pain and anguish accompanied with the mental obsession with drugs and alcohol. I wish that the warm welcome of death wasn’t a part of my story. But it is. A simpler way to describe the inner torture I was caught in is sort of like an insect who is … Read More

Merry Christmas Rob and Kristin…

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Merry Christmas Rob and Kristin, As your mom and I wake up today without you both, we will hold on to all of the beautiful gifts of life that you each give every day of the year. Reclaiming My Life and Keeping My Serenity offer love, safety, hope and a fresh start to a life that each woman deserves. Robert and Kristin’s pictures hang by the front doors as reminders of what was lost and why these houses were started. … Read More

Tammy Lofink visits Phoenix Recovery Academy

Thank you, Sean for having me out to visit Phoenix Recovery Academy. What you are doing for our youth is amazing! I am looking forward to supporting this incredible program. Bentley is more than happy to come out anytime and steal the kids food again! Jessica, It was wonderful seeing you and being able to meet your beautiful daughter Tammy Lofink from Rising Above Addiction and Jessica Jeffery from Sandstone Care came for a lunch visit with the students. Bentley, … Read More

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