1 Year of Sobriety

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So incredibly proud of these two young ladies who are both celebrating a year of sobriety! Kayla and Mandy, I am so blessed to have Rob be a part of your recovery journeys. You both could have chosen any sober houses to live in. Instead, you both trusted that I would provide a place that you could call home. I know what it means for you ladies to trust me after years of being let down by so many people. … Read More

Heroin:The Ripple Effect Documentary

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Message from Tim Webber… a release date is set for July 2023. So much has happened since this started, between lost friends, the birth of a second son, and a pandemic! So, finally, here we are, Heroin:The Ripple Effect Documentary (if you cannot view the video below, click THIS link).   To all of you who have helped along the way on this, a big thank you! To all of you who came out tonight to help discuss the “Ripple Effect,” … Read More

How Maryland Courts Can Work Best for Everyone: A Conversation Between Court and Community Leaders

Find out how someone gets into drug court. Find out where you get Narcan and how? What do women with children do about treatment and sober living? And, so much more vital information. The Maryland Judiciary’s Equal Justice Committee (EJC), through its Community Outreach Subcommittee, hosts community forums across the state to increase understanding of the courts and their services while learning the community’s needs and the ways in which the courts can provide better service. On February 23, 2023, … Read More

One event changed the course of everything that followed…

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Tomorrow is Rob’s birthday. It is always most difficult the day before. I find myself reflecting on so much, and it helps me to write out my thoughts. As always, I wrote him a letter… Dear Rob, Here we are, once again, celebrating your birthday without you. Today, you turn 27 years old. I have never liked the words, you would have been. You are still as present for me as the day you left me. This year has come … Read More

A message from Shannon Kathleen…

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Oh man. Best. Trip. Ever. Can we go back yet?! The past ten days were beyond anything I could have ever imagined. So much peace and serenity. California is exactly what I needed. The weather, the views, the beaches, the activities, the shopping, and of course the company!! It may sound cliche and hokey, but I honestly think I have gained a new perspective on life. This has been one of the hardest years, mentally and emotionally for me, so … Read More

I am thankful for your relapse…

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Without you and Tim, Reclaiming My Life would not exist. Without you and Tim, I would not be where I am today. I will never forget you, Tim and Bob coming to me, asking me if I would be willing to open a sober home through my foundation. I thought to myself, what the heck is a sober home! But, sure 😂 From there, Reclaiming My Life was born, named after Robert Mason Lofink, my beautiful son. Together, we created … Read More

Celebrating Shannon’s 1-Year Anniversary

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Happy One Year Anniversary 💞 Beautiful Shannon, When you find yourself in moments of darkness and uncertainty, look down at your feet. Close your eyes and ground yourself in this moment. Picture yourself, right here, in this moment of endless beauty and opportunity. Remember where you came from, and remember the incredible strength that it took to get to this moment of serenity and peace. Remember that this too shall pass, and that there is so much more to live … Read More

Writing is therapy for me…

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Grief is… Standing in American Eagle, in between two rows of men’s boxers. The boxers Rob wore. The boxers that Rob died in, in his bed. Standing there, staring at them… Was that pair them? Weren’t they blue? Wait, was it American Eagle, or was it Hollister? Why can’t I remember the exact boxers he was wearing, or exactly where they were from, when I saw him on his bed for the last time? Oh my gosh, stop picturing him … Read More

A getaway with Shannon…

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I have known you since the beginning. You were the adorable blonde working at the front desk of the foundation. Anytime I needed anything, you were always there to help me. Over time, I got to know you, and I fell in love with your beautiful soul. And, even though you never got the chance to meet Rob, it is as if you’ve always known him. Your love for me and my grief has been unconditional since the day that … Read More

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