How Maryland Courts Can Work Best for Everyone: A Conversation Between Court and Community Leaders

Find out how someone gets into drug court. Find out where you get Narcan and how? What do women with children do about treatment and sober living? And, so much more vital information. The Maryland Judiciary’s Equal Justice Committee (EJC), through its Community Outreach Subcommittee, hosts community forums across the state to increase understanding of the courts and their services while learning the community’s needs and the ways in which the courts can provide better service. On February 23, 2023, … Read More

Sponsoring Find Your Purpose Program for Kids

It is so wonderful to see children having fun, in a safe environment, where they can just be kids. Just as important as it is to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, we need to instill in them that they are worthy. We can do this by showing them support and unconditional love. I am honored to sponsor this great program! Billy, thank you for caring about our next generation and helping to give them the tools to succeed. Find Your … Read More

Say Nope To Dope Walk

A message from Tim Weber… This Saturday at 10 AM at the city park near the fields. The walk takes no more than half an hour. The softball game festivities will start around 11:00 with the game kicking off by 11:30. Last year the recovery team had the advantage. This year it sounds like Law Enforcement is coming prepared to get revenge. You do not want to miss this family filled day. There will be a bounce house for kids … Read More

Welcome to Kristin’s House

Welcome Home Kristin 💚 May your new house be filled with love, happiness and healing energy, and may every woman who walks through the door find her way to a beautiful life of recovery. Being able to provide women with safe places to live, where they can get their lives back, is such a humbling experience. I am so honored to be trusted to carry out Rob’s purpose. He continues to live on every day through helping others. Chris, you … Read More

Holding Rob’s Heart

Mike and Kathy, It was such a wonderful day yesterday. Somehow you always partner us up with great people that we are meant to meet. Yesterday we had the pleasure of being with two of the Smyth brothers, Jim and Tom. Smyth Jewelers made several pieces of jewelry for me, my daughter, my nieces and Rob’s girlfriend. They are charm bracelets and necklaces that hold heart charms, with Rob’s ashes in them. Mike and Kathy, thank you both for your … Read More

Speaking at South Carroll Business Association

Thank you, South Carroll Business Association and Sylvia Blair, for inviting me to come out today and share my story to this business community. It is wonderful to witness all of the support our community has to offer. Thank you, to everyone, who purchased a copy of my book, “Reclaiming My Life”. Thank you, Shannon, for your unwavering love and support💜

We Bought Rob’s House

A little over five years ago, Tim, Brittney, Bob and I met. They asked me if I would be interested in opening a women’s sober home. Bob, who was retired from the Sheriff’s department, had a townhouse in Westminster. He wanted to help our community, and he offered me his rental to be used as a sober home. I had started Rising Above Addiction two years earlier, yet had no idea what sober living was. Tim and Brittney assured me … Read More

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