REAL TALK Carroll County: Promo Video

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We are very excited to finally announce this new TV Show called “Real Talk /Carroll County” A partnership between the Carroll Media Center and the Carroll County States Attorney’s Office. Real Talk is a down-to-earth look at the crisis, intervention, and recovery from a substance use disorder. Would you please take 1 minute and watch the promo and share? The 1st episode is 11:00 P.m. on November 25th, Thanksgiving. The Community Media Center of Carroll County has partnered with the … Read More

When I met Tim Weber…

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Eighteen years ago, something extraordinary was set into motion…. Tim Weber went from sleeping under bridges, constantly looking for his next fix to surrendering his life to something bigger. He found the courage to walk into a hospital, ask for help and was determined to never look back. He took a chance on himself. Tim opened a flower shop (Cattails Country Florist), opened two sober homes, started the Triangle Recovery Club, and now works for our state’s attorney’s office. I … Read More

Twelve To Life MC 3rd Annual Halloween Bash & Fundraiser for RAA

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What a nice night of fellowship, love, acceptance and community support. Dimitri, since the day that I met you, you have been one of my biggest supporters. You always seem to sense when I’m struggling, and you make it a point to call and check on me. I notice these things. Thank you for having me speak last night at the 3rd Annual Halloween Bash & Fundraiser for RAA. Sharing my story helps me to realize that I am not … Read More

A Celebration for Audrey Cimino

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Celebrating Audrey Cimino… Thank you for making our community a wonderful place to heal, to give and to make a difference. Lives are forever changed because you cared Audrey recently retired from many years of service at the Community Foundation of Carroll County.

The Starry Sky

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We had our house meeting with the sober houses last night. Two of the girls from Rob’s house asked me to get there a little early. They had a gift for me. It is a framed picture of the star night, taken on the day that Rob died. Amber and Heather… Thank you for this incredible gift. I love it! You girls make me feel so loved. What you wrote on it, the location being Rob’s house and everything about … Read More

Running to Rob’s House

I have had a goal to run to Rob’s house for a long time. I decided today was the day. I was running on 97 and saw the police were closing the road ahead. When I got to closure, the cops tried to make me turn around, but decided to let me continue. I saw that there was an accident, and that there was a dead deer in the middle of the road. I continued on my run and hopped … Read More

Say Nope To Dope 2021

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Today was the Say Nope To Dope Walk. Connor, I remember your sister Sky dating Rob. I told Rob to treat her good and that her brother was the star football player for Century, so he better watch out lol Now, years later, Rob was able to be a part of saving your life. It’s crazy how a connection years ago can lead to a wonderful story of hope today. Connor, it was great to see you today. It is … Read More

The Honorable Judge Brian DeLeonardo

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I remember meeting this man for the first time. I was broken, and I was trying to find a way to make a difference and heal from losing Rob. It was obvious from the moment that I met him, he was a good person. Before long, I became a community partner with his office. Together, we were able to get people off of the streets and straight into detox. I remember Brian referring to Rising Above Addiction as, “detox on … Read More

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