A message from Cassie Kimble…

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This is an appreciation post for all the people bringing that energy and good karma and opportunity in my life currently.

I was homeless this winter 3 years ago, and I was getting high to the point I didn’t even get to have a Christmas with my family the year after because I was in treatment. Had I not been in treatment I wouldn’t have been lucid enough to function anyways. Then last year I swore I’d go to treatment after Christmas because I hadn’t gotten to spend Christmas with my family in what felt like forever. But instead of being with my family, I spent the whole day getting high.

One things for certain – I’m NOT going back ever again.

This is the first Christmas in years that I am HERE. I am present and I’m so beyond words grateful. Oh, I forgot one… I’m SOBERRRRR too! Mhm 🥰.

So I just want to thank Chelsey Kimble, Michelle Kimble, Kristina Marie, Sarah Hare Davis, Morgana Davis, Tammy Lofink, Kayla Gal, Amanda Markoe, Mandy Mariee, Sylvia Witzel, Alisha Meadows ,Annie Fletcher Grandinetti, and all the other people who have helped me get to where I am now. There are so many of you to thank, and I love each and every one of y’all!