In the darkest of times, there is indescribable beauty…

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For You, Because of You and In Memory of you… Robert Mason Lofink 2/21/96 – 9/14/14 Dear Robert, September 14, 2014… There I was, sitting in the front yard, hysterically crying and repeating the word “No” over and over again. I was so aware that my life had just ended, and that nothing would ever be the same. You were gone. It was such a beautiful day, on my most tragic day. It felt so cruel to be that beautiful. … Read More

There is Purpose in Pain

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Yesterday was not an easy day for me. Sometimes my grief gets the best of me, and I have pretty severe PTSD from the sudden death of Rob. Thank you Rob, for always giving me just what I need, to remind me that there is purpose in my pain. And, thank you for the perfect breeze today. I miss you so very much. 😪 For You, Because of You and In Memory of You ♥️More

Rob’s Forever Home

It took me a very long time to get this done, and no one should ever have to do this.. Certain things make Rob’s death feel so much more final, painful and real. I have done a lot of thinking over the years as to what I wanted Robert’s forever home to look like. When I opened my package today and saw this, it made my heart break. I think about holding Robert in my arms, on the day he … Read More

Finding purpose and meaning in life…

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Happy Birthday Dad… Losing you and Rob within nine months of each other has profoundly changed the course of my existence, and it has led me on a journey of finding purpose and meaning in life. Thank you for all of the important life lessons you taught me while here. The most important one being… don’t ever pass up an opportunity to tell people what they mean to you and how much you love them. I was blessed to be … Read More

Without love, understanding and compassion, people will never receive the help that they deserve.

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This week has been very difficult to say the least. There have been many challenges surrounding addiction. With relapse, manipulation and mental health issues, it has been very difficult to navigate through this week. It all came to a head this morning, when a nurse at GBMC attempted to try and make me feel horrible, when I was trying desperately to help a woman who needed psychiatric help. Without love, understanding and compassion, people will never receive the help that … Read More

7th Annual Drug Overdose & Prevention Vigil

Rob, every year I light a candle for you at the Annual Drug Overdose & Prevention Vigil. This year, the 7th, my candle was also lit for the children of the beautiful friends that you have brought to me, the people that you have sent to me to try and help that have lost their battles and for all who have died from the disease of addiction. The Vigil is a reminder that our community stands together in unity. Hosted … Read More

A trip between sober homes…

Rob, thank for the gifts of today. Valerie and I got to help Nicholle this morning. I got to be at your house. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I got to put on shorts and a tank top, and do a long run, starting from your house. I even got to run by Kristin’s house. It made me very aware of how your death has given birth to the most beautiful thing ever… recovery for so many!!! I love you … Read More

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Rob

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Dear Robert, Tomorrow, you would be turning 26 years old. Every time that I say that out loud, I tear up. I think how young you would still be and how much life you have missed. So many great things happen between the ages of 18 and 26, and you aren’t here to experience any of them. It makes me so sad to think of the memories we would have had with you, where you would be in your life, … Read More

A letter to Rob…

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Grief from losing you is… Watching an old tv show, and remembering who I was when I used to watch it. Being out, seeing people living their lives and remembering a time when I was that person. Keeping your name and number in my favorites, on my phone. Keeping your room exactly the same, your drawers still filled with your clothes and holding on to every material thing that I have left of yours. Knowing that if I change these … Read More

A letter to Rob… from Sky

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7 years ago you left many of us heart broken Rob Lofink. You probably don’t even know how often so many people think of you. I hope you do! I always have the same dream about you. We are in our math class from 6th grade and I always see you sitting at your desk. I walk by your desk, and I am overwhelmed with this sense of confusion because I remember in my dream that it’s you. I can … Read More

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