1 Year of Sobriety

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So incredibly proud of these two young ladies who are both celebrating a year of sobriety! Kayla and Mandy, I am so blessed to have Rob be a part of your recovery journeys. You both could have chosen any sober houses to live in. Instead, you both trusted that I would provide a place that you could call home. I know what it means for you ladies to trust me after years of being let down by so many people. … Read More

A message from Shannon Kathleen…

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Oh man. Best. Trip. Ever. Can we go back yet?! The past ten days were beyond anything I could have ever imagined. So much peace and serenity. California is exactly what I needed. The weather, the views, the beaches, the activities, the shopping, and of course the company!! It may sound cliche and hokey, but I honestly think I have gained a new perspective on life. This has been one of the hardest years, mentally and emotionally for me, so … Read More

Celebrating Shannon’s 1-Year Anniversary

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Happy One Year Anniversary 💞 Beautiful Shannon, When you find yourself in moments of darkness and uncertainty, look down at your feet. Close your eyes and ground yourself in this moment. Picture yourself, right here, in this moment of endless beauty and opportunity. Remember where you came from, and remember the incredible strength that it took to get to this moment of serenity and peace. Remember that this too shall pass, and that there is so much more to live … Read More

Mason Ryleigh 💗 Robert Mason

Happy New Year… I am not big on new year, new beginnings. Never wait for tomorrow to be your best self. However, it does seem like the right time to share this… Years ago, Sarah was court ordered to obtain sober living in Carroll County. She was from Alabama, but living in Anne Arundel County. She hated Carroll County. She ended up at Rob’s house. Meanwhile, Morgana wanted to come to Rob’s house, but we could not accept her because … Read More

Merry Christmas Dinner

Each and everyone of these women are an extension of Rob for me. A few of us have lost our beautiful babies to the disease of addiction, and the rest of these women work hard every day to succeed in their recovery. Tonight, Connie, Cindy, Valerie and I got to witness how our children live on through helping others. What a beautiful gift! Merry Christmas ladies, and thank you all for helping to save me ❤️💚

A message from Ally Mendez…

Last night was wonderful! Thank you, Dimitri, for always supporting me and Rob. You have been a loyal and constant friend since the day that I met you. You have a way of bringing so many people together that would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. There is so much division in our world lately. Last night highlighted what happens when people come together, out of love, for a common purpose. This is what life is about… Had the … Read More

Recovery Graduation

This is what successful recovery looks like… Kristina has lived at Rob’s house for almost two years, and today she graduated from Carroll County Adult Drug Treatment Court. It is such an honor to be community partner with such an important program in our county. As I was waiting for graduation to start, I looked up and saw that all of the women from Rob’s house showed up to support Kristina. It is such an honor, and it is a … Read More

Welcome to Kristin’s House

Welcome Home Kristin 💚 May your new house be filled with love, happiness and healing energy, and may every woman who walks through the door find her way to a beautiful life of recovery. Being able to provide women with safe places to live, where they can get their lives back, is such a humbling experience. I am so honored to be trusted to carry out Rob’s purpose. He continues to live on every day through helping others. Chris, you … Read More

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