Nine years later…

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Nine years ago…

The day that began a series of events that would change me and my life forever. I often think back to who I was before all of this. Sometimes, I wish that I could just go back to that person who really didn’t understand, that everything I knew to be true, could be gone in an instant. Most of the time, I am thankful that the old version of me is gone. I was lost, selfish, and I was behaving in ways that I was not proud of. Looking back, I can clearly see that my life was falling apart. My father was dying, and Robert’s addiction was tearing our family apart.

December 5, 2013, my father passed away. He died, here in our home, surrounded by family, as he left this world. Nine months later, Robert died, here in our home, alone in his bed.

Today, I am a very different person. My father and my son gave me purpose, and they have helped me to be the person that I am today; a person that I can be proud of when I look in the mirror.

I miss you dad, and at the same time, I am so relieved that Rob had you to go to. It brings me so much comfort to know that you two are together, taking care of each other.

This picture is of Rob, looking over my father, while my father was in hospice, at our home. Never could I have imagined that nine months later, Rob would be gone.