Carroll Community NSA Donation

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Today, the Carroll Community Nursing Student Association delivered donations from their recent drive to the Rising Above Addiction sober homes: Reclaiming My Life, and Keeping My Serenity. The women in our homes shared their stories. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping to raise awareness for those recovering from addiction and helping to break the stigma against those with addiction. Thank you, Carroll Community NSA, for your generosity and for your support to Rising Above Addiction. All of the women … Read More

This all started with Tim Weber…

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Eighteen years ago, something extraordinary was set into motion…. Tim went from sleeping under bridges, constantly looking for his next fix to surrendering his life to something bigger. He found the courage to walk into a hospital, ask for help and was determined to never look back. He took a chance on himself. Tim opened a flower shop, opened two sober homes, started the Triangle Recovery Club, and now works for our Carroll County State’s Attorney office. I met Tim … Read More

The Carroll Community Nursing Student Association Presents the 2022 Donation Drive to Rising Above Addiction

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The Carroll Community Nursing Student Association has selected Rising Above Addiction as their first donation drive this year!! We are very excited for this upcoming drive and would love your support too!! Rising Above Addiction is a non-profit organization in Westminster, Maryland. Ran and owned by Tammy Lofink; she created this non-profit after losing her 18-year old son to a drug overdose. Tammy has two sober living homes for women here in Westminster, Maryland where she provides support and resources … Read More

A message from Donna Oriani Sambula…

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I am committing to lift up one person up each day and share why they are special to me. To spread some love and gratitude instead of all the hate and negativity we see too much of on Facebook. So today God placed my husband’s cousin in law, Tammy Lofink on my heart! If you know Tammy, comment below why she is special to YOU. This is her day so let’s make her feel the love from all of us … Read More

Mason’s Godmother

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Yesterday I shared that Sarah and Morgana are naming their baby after my beautiful Rob, using his middle name, Mason. I could have never imagined that something so beautiful could come out losing my child. Last night this happened… Sarah and Morgana, I promise to love, honor and cherish Mason every single day. Words can never express how much I love you both, and I am so honored to be loved by both of you.

A message from Kayla Atwell…

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I can’t believe this month will be 6 years since I entered the doors to work side by side some amazing people to fight against addiction! I would not trade this career for anything! If you know me or ask my husband you know I put my heart and soul into this field I never clock out! Here’s to many more years to come. 👏💜

Camp Thrive

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A message from Tim Weber… We are returning from a much-needed vacation. I haven’t had a chance to reflect on the weekend before our vacation at Camp Thrive. This weekend, we get to interact with children impacted by addiction-related trauma. Some of these kids have lost a parent to addiction! Some of the parents are incarcerated, and some are in active recovery. This camp allows all these kids to see they are not alone and that it’s OK to talk … Read More

A message from Victoria Sue Fredritz…

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Today I ran into someone that I have followed their journey and know a ton about their family… I was speechless. I couldn’t speak because it made me so happy to see this mother and woman out here speaking about her movement. She has not allowed herself to be silenced because of what life has taken from her. She has become a motivational speaker and changes so many lives. I’m so grateful for this interaction and this connection. You may … Read More

Connection through Loss

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Loved having a couple of my girls come visit me today. I love you both very much. You help to save me every day 💞💞 Connie, our boys knew we needed each other 💙💙

“I live in the Joey V. House”

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A message from Tim Webber… On May 19, 2002, my very good friend, Joe, died Sunday after the Preakness. Joe loved horse racing; in fact, a racehorse was named after him. He was my best friend in high school, and years later, while there were a few separations due to moves and life, we remained best friends until the day he passed. As an Atholton High School junior, he won the state high school golf championship, known as the Junior … Read More

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