This all started with Tim Weber…

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Eighteen years ago, something extraordinary was set into motion….

Tim went from sleeping under bridges, constantly looking for his next fix to surrendering his life to something bigger. He found the courage to walk into a hospital, ask for help and was determined to never look back. He took a chance on himself.

Tim opened a flower shop, opened two sober homes, started the Triangle Recovery Club, and now works for our Carroll County State’s Attorney office.

I met Tim soon after Rob died. Without Tim, there would be no Rising Above Addiction. Without Tim, I would not be who I am today.

For me Tim…

You walking into that hospital eighteen years ago saved my life. I thought my life was over when Rob died. You showed me how to reclaim my life. You taught me that beauty and gifts exist after tragedy. You helped to guide me to find purpose in my darkest pain.

Tim, thank you for having the courage and strength to pull yourself out of hell. You have changed and saved countless lives.

Tim, thank you for being one of my dearest friends. I love you!

Look at the man of yesterday, who became the man of today…

What an incredible story!