A message from Victoria Sue Fredritz…

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Today I ran into someone that I have followed their journey and know a ton about their family…

I was speechless. I couldn’t speak because it made me so happy to see this mother and woman out here speaking about her movement.

She has not allowed herself to be silenced because of what life has taken from her. She has become a motivational speaker and changes so many lives.

I’m so grateful for this interaction and this connection. You may never know who you run into in life and why…but for some reason god placed you there today and called me to stop and say hi. God called me to go back and talk to you.

My only thing to say to you is thank you. I wish I could do what you do…I wish I could encourage others the way you do! You are creating a legacy…

They say you die twice in life: the day your body leaves the earth and the last time when the last person says your name.

Message here today: stop and have the conversation and meet new people. Create the most meaningful life you can!