Happy Heavenly Birthday, Rob

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Dear Robert, Tomorrow, you would be turning 26 years old. Every time that I say that out loud, I tear up. I think how young you would still be and how much life you have missed. So many great things happen between the ages of 18 and 26, and you aren’t here to experience any of them. It makes me so sad to think of the memories we would have had with you, where you would be in your life, … Read More

Joining forces…

Showing up, supporting each other and working hard to make a difference. Jimmy and Rob, I hope that you are proud of us 💙💙 What a great event for Novak’s House put on by Julie Johnson!!! Rising Above Addiction, Maryland Print House, and HOFFA were so glad to be apart of it! The trip to Florida was filled with laugh, tears, bonding, and expanded friendships. So glad to have all of you in my life and can’t wait to see … Read More

Treats for the Sober Homes

Thank you so much to Elliott Slattery for taking time out of your busy day to make all of the women at RML (Reclaiming My Life Sober Home) and KMS (Keeping My Serenity Sober Home) feel a little extra special yesterday. Sharing little things like these treats brings smiles to our faces!     Rob’s legacy lives on through such wonderful people. Things like this remind me that, although my hearts breaks every day, I am so very blessed. Elliott, … Read More

Fighting to Break the Ugly Stigma Surrounding Addiction

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Last night, I was asked to attend a community meeting. The meeting was held to help educate the public on sober living, and to give people an opportunity to ask questions. I sat with people that I love and consider to be my family. Some I work with, some are my dearest friends, and some have gone through Rob’s house and are now living their best lives. The rest of the room was filled with community members. I have never … Read More

Expressing Things that Matter: Expressing Grief

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For me, Facebook is a platform for expressing things that matter, things that help other people who may be going through a similar situation, and for connection. Sharing and writing about my journey of grief is therapeutic, and it helps me to process. Writing helps me to bring my emotions to the surface, and try to release some of the power that they hold over me. It is easy for me to talk about the gifts and the blessings that … Read More

REAL TALK: Intervention – Amanda Blizzard Interview

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The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office sees its share of substance use cases, Corporal Amanda Blizzard from the detention center joins us on Real Talk to discuss some of the resources officers use to help individuals change direction.   “REAL TALK Carroll County” is a partnership between the Carroll Media Center and the Carroll County States Attorney’s Office. REAL TALK is a down-to-earth look at the crisis, intervention, and recovery from a substance use disorder. Please take 1 minute and watch … Read More

REAL TALK Carroll County: Promo Video

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We are very excited to finally announce this new TV Show called “Real Talk /Carroll County” A partnership between the Carroll Media Center and the Carroll County States Attorney’s Office. Real Talk is a down-to-earth look at the crisis, intervention, and recovery from a substance use disorder. Would you please take 1 minute and watch the promo and share? The 1st episode is 11:00 P.m. on November 25th, Thanksgiving. The Community Media Center of Carroll County has partnered with the … Read More

Christmas Beauty at Reclaiming My Life

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The girls at Reclaiming My Life… Liz, Nicholle, Melissa, Missy, & Kristina … decorated their Christmas Tree tonight. To see Rob living on through helping you all live your best lives makes me so happy. Thank you all for reminding me that I’m going to be okay. Thank you for loving my beautiful son. And, thank you for loving me and trusting me and Rob with each one of your precious lives.

Dear Alyssa, Sarah, Jennifer, and Lindsey…

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Dear Alyssa, Sarah, Jennifer, and Lindsey, Thank you for allowing Rob to be a part of your recovery journeys. It is so cool that you all lived at Rob’s house and still remain close friends today. It is beautiful to watch each one of your successes of recovery! Sarah knew that I needed to be reminded that Rob’s death was not in vain, and that’s it’s okay to feel happy. It is difficult to not get lost in my grief … Read More

When I met Tim Weber…

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Eighteen years ago, something extraordinary was set into motion…. Tim Weber went from sleeping under bridges, constantly looking for his next fix to surrendering his life to something bigger. He found the courage to walk into a hospital, ask for help and was determined to never look back. He took a chance on himself. Tim opened a flower shop (Cattails Country Florist), opened two sober homes, started the Triangle Recovery Club, and now works for our state’s attorney’s office. I … Read More

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