The Starry Sky

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We had our house meeting with the sober houses last night. Two of the girls from Rob’s house asked me to get there a little early. They had a gift for me. It is a framed picture of the star night, taken on the day that Rob died. Amber and Heather… Thank you for this incredible gift. I love it! You girls make me feel so loved. What you wrote on it, the location being Rob’s house and everything about … Read More

Running to Rob’s House

I have had a goal to run to Rob’s house for a long time. I decided today was the day. I was running on 97 and saw the police were closing the road ahead. When I got to closure, the cops tried to make me turn around, but decided to let me continue. I saw that there was an accident, and that there was a dead deer in the middle of the road. I continued on my run and hopped … Read More

1st Baby Born at Reclaiming My Life House

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Our first baby born at Rob’s house. We are so honored that we were able to keep mom and baby safe during the pregnancy and birth. The baby and mom will spend about a week with us before moving to a wonderful place for mother’s and children. What a beautiful gift of recovery. Jaxyn, you’re a handsome little man 💙

Say Nope To Dope 2021

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Today was the Say Nope To Dope Walk. Connor, I remember your sister Sky dating Rob. I told Rob to treat her good and that her brother was the star football player for Century, so he better watch out lol Now, years later, Rob was able to be a part of saving your life. It’s crazy how a connection years ago can lead to a wonderful story of hope today. Connor, it was great to see you today. It is … Read More

A letter to Rob… from Sky

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7 years ago you left many of us heart broken Rob Lofink. You probably don’t even know how often so many people think of you. I hope you do! I always have the same dream about you. We are in our math class from 6th grade and I always see you sitting at your desk. I walk by your desk, and I am overwhelmed with this sense of confusion because I remember in my dream that it’s you. I can … Read More

A letter to Rob… from Brooke

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7. 7 years.So many things I wish I could say and wish I could have done. But Rob you should be so proud of your mom (Tammy Lofink) and all she’s done. Keeping your memory alive and saving lives. Hope you’re playing with Joey today and eating pizza without cheese on it, and playing with fire like you and Jake Halstead used to do and always scare me 😅. Keep looking out for everyone down here.

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