Merry Christmas Dinner

Each and everyone of these women are an extension of Rob for me. A few of us have lost our beautiful babies to the disease of addiction, and the rest of these women work hard every day to succeed in their recovery. Tonight, Connie, Cindy, Valerie and I got to witness how our children live on through helping others. What a beautiful gift! Merry Christmas ladies, and thank you all for helping to save me ❤️💚

Nine years later…

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Nine years ago… The day that began a series of events that would change me and my life forever. I often think back to who I was before all of this. Sometimes, I wish that I could just go back to that person who really didn’t understand, that everything I knew to be true, could be gone in an instant. Most of the time, I am thankful that the old version of me is gone. I was lost, selfish, and … Read More

Fundraising at the 10th Annual Sykesville Holiday Marketplace

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The 10th Annual Sykesville Holiday Marketplace hosted a raffle and raised $770.00 for charity this year, and Rising Above Addiction is the grateful recipient! With assistance from vendor, Dennis with Tops by Pops, an additional $205.00 was raised at his booth alone, which brings the event’s grand total to a $975 donation. Finally, the Strohmer Family Farm generously donating $25.00 to make it an even $1,000 donation!! Thank you so much for your generosity and we hope all the winners … Read More

Carroll Community NSA Donation

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Today, the Carroll Community Nursing Student Association delivered donations from their recent drive to the Rising Above Addiction sober homes: Reclaiming My Life, and Keeping My Serenity. The women in our homes shared their stories. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping to raise awareness for those recovering from addiction and helping to break the stigma against those with addiction. Thank you, Carroll Community NSA, for your generosity and for your support to Rising Above Addiction. All of the women … Read More

This all started with Tim Weber…

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Eighteen years ago, something extraordinary was set into motion…. Tim went from sleeping under bridges, constantly looking for his next fix to surrendering his life to something bigger. He found the courage to walk into a hospital, ask for help and was determined to never look back. He took a chance on himself. Tim opened a flower shop, opened two sober homes, started the Triangle Recovery Club, and now works for our Carroll County State’s Attorney office. I met Tim … Read More

Sponsoring Find Your Purpose Program for Kids

It is so wonderful to see children having fun, in a safe environment, where they can just be kids. Just as important as it is to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, we need to instill in them that they are worthy. We can do this by showing them support and unconditional love. I am honored to sponsor this great program! Billy, thank you for caring about our next generation and helping to give them the tools to succeed. Find Your … Read More

The Carroll Community Nursing Student Association Presents the 2022 Donation Drive to Rising Above Addiction

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The Carroll Community Nursing Student Association has selected Rising Above Addiction as their first donation drive this year!! We are very excited for this upcoming drive and would love your support too!! Rising Above Addiction is a non-profit organization in Westminster, Maryland. Ran and owned by Tammy Lofink; she created this non-profit after losing her 18-year old son to a drug overdose. Tammy has two sober living homes for women here in Westminster, Maryland where she provides support and resources … Read More

A message from Ally Mendez…

Last night was wonderful! Thank you, Dimitri, for always supporting me and Rob. You have been a loyal and constant friend since the day that I met you. You have a way of bringing so many people together that would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. There is so much division in our world lately. Last night highlighted what happens when people come together, out of love, for a common purpose. This is what life is about… Had the … Read More

Recovery Graduation

This is what successful recovery looks like… Kristina has lived at Rob’s house for almost two years, and today she graduated from Carroll County Adult Drug Treatment Court. It is such an honor to be community partner with such an important program in our county. As I was waiting for graduation to start, I looked up and saw that all of the women from Rob’s house showed up to support Kristina. It is such an honor, and it is a … Read More

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