Thanksgiving 2017

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Every day, I have to make a conscious decision; to find peace and happiness even though half of my heart has been ripped out. And… even though I feel such indescribable pain, I also feel incredible peace, gratitude, strength, and fulfillment. My daughter Leah has blown me away. She has such grace, strength, resiliency, and a light shines around her constantly. I am in awe of her ability, to not just push through, but her amazing drive to be her … Read More

Gregory’s Personal Testimony

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“I overdosed in an ally in Baltimore city and was brought back to life… sitting in john Hopkins hospital about to be released back into the same atmosphere I almost died in, which probably would have lead to my death, an angel came to me by this fund and got me into treatment and saved my life. Through this fund my mother has somewhat of peace today – she went threw 15 years of misery watching her son kill himself … Read More

Brittney Sabock’s Personal Testimony

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Growing up I did well in school and played softball. I would eventually go to school for nursing. I was never the kid you would have thought would end up being defeated by heroin. At seventeen, a senior in high school, I took my first drink. After that, it was not progressive for me. It went from that innocent red solo cup and a blunt, to eight months later going to inpatient treatment for the first time. I was addicted … Read More

Crusade to Save – In Memory of Brian Krueger

$3,635.00 Raised!! Rising Above Addiction participated in a great Event organized by Tommy Krueger to honor his brother, Brian Krueger! Thank you to Tommy for choosing our fund to be the recipient of the fundraiser. Thank you also to everyone that attended last night’s Oriole’s game and to all those that donated. Your generosity will help to save many lives!

Finding My Way

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My daughter asked me how to answer a question on a college application she was filling out…. “Mom, the question is, how many siblings do I have? How do I answer this?” We both sat there stumped. Such a simple question, yet we didn’t know how to answer it. So much of my life is like that now. Who am I, and where is my place in this new life. When you lose a child, you lose everything that was. … Read More

2016 Running For Recovery 5-Mile Run & 1-Mile Kid’s Fun Run

Thank you to all the runners, walkers, spectators and volunteers who came out this morning for our inaugural Running For Recovery 5 miler. Thank you to Brian DeLeonardo and Keith Mills for being our guest speakers, Steve Moore for being our race director and Tim Weber for our partnership in this cause. A special thank you to Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church for being our gold sponsor, Dennis Boyle and the HUB s’ville Bike shop for donating an awesome bike … Read More

Running For Recovery 2016

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I am very sentimental as the race approaches. I started this fund nine months ago. It was an idea that to try and turn grief into something positive that could help others. I had no idea that it would also help to save me. My world, as I knew it, stopped the day that Robert died. I didn’t know how I would ever survive. Through it all, I have been surrounded by such incredible love. I have learned so much … Read More

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