Carroll Magazine Feature: Out of Tragedy, a Blessing Making an Impact After Losing a Child

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Thank you Carroll Magazine for sharing our stories. Our beautiful children are doing great things!

Phil Mullikin waits for a phone call that he dejectedly acknowledges will not come.

It’s a call from the Carroll County courts informing him that no first-time drunk driving offenders have been required to attend the Victim Impact Forum for Intoxicated Drivers session he and wife Cindy hold bi-monthly at the Carroll Nonprofit Center in Westminster.

“This is long-term,” he says sadly. “It does not end. This is never going to end.”

Mullikin refers to the incidence of drunk driving in Carroll County, and throughout Maryland, and to the pain he and Cindy and so many other parents feel as they mourn children whose lives were taken by drunk drivers… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE…

Writer: Linda L. Esterson
Photographer: Bill Ryan