Reclaiming My Life

Losing Robert has been an incredibly painful yet beautiful and profound journey.  Rising Above Addiction has given birth to a new life for me. It has allowed me to have my son live on in the most meaningful way; he is saving lives.   I am proud to announce that Rising Above Addiction is giving birth again. We are opening a Girl’s Sober Home.  To honor Rob, we will be naming the house in his memory, using his initials…… Reclaiming My Life… in … Read More

Holidays Without You

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I have had several people ask me how my holidays were and how I am doing….. Holidays and life after Rob…… This year was especially difficult for me. I am learning so much about loss as time goes by. It may sound strange to some people, but this year was the hardest yet. I think it was harder because it’s been even longer since I have seen my child; too long! Also, I have been rudely awakened from my numbed … Read More

Senate Bill for Opiate Distribution Death Bill – Carroll County is fighting hard!

Senate bill for opiate distribution death bill – Carroll County is fighting hard! Listen from 6:34 in or the beginning of the bill around 6:25… just click the link below and you will be taken to the video. Senate Bill #539 | House Bill #687 Tuesday at the House, and now today we are at the Senate testifying in favor of Bill 539. It’s great to be a part of helping to make change; changes that will have a … Read More

Happy 21st Birthday Rob

Happy Birthday Rob, Today, you would have been 21 years old. It seems like it has been forever since I have seen you. I long to hear your voice and see you walk through the door. I still cannot believe that you are gone. So much has happened, and so much has changed since we saw each other last. I am still desperately trying to get my feet back on the ground. Losing you has made it impossible to continue … Read More


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If you ever wonder if I want to give up, the answer is YES! Today has been one of those days. I can’t find my way out. I keep thinking that I don’t want to have to live this way; not one more day. Only the people who have known deep loss can understand life after loss. Is it even life? Sometimes it’s not. No matter what the day brings, including joy and laughter, there is always a hole. A … Read More

Rappelling Challenge at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Rock Climb and Rappel Challenge. We did it; a ninety foot vertical rock climb, followed by a rappel back down. Once again we put ourselves out of our comfort zones and turned fear into determination. Don’t ever let uncertainty hold you back from accomplishing anything.

Thanksgiving 2017

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Every day, I have to make a conscious decision; to find peace and happiness even though half of my heart has been ripped out. And… even though I feel such indescribable pain, I also feel incredible peace, gratitude, strength, and fulfillment. My daughter Leah has blown me away. She has such grace, strength, resiliency, and a light shines around her constantly. I am in awe of her ability, to not just push through, but her amazing drive to be her … Read More

Gregory’s Personal Testimony

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“I overdosed in an ally in Baltimore city and was brought back to life… sitting in john Hopkins hospital about to be released back into the same atmosphere I almost died in, which probably would have lead to my death, an angel came to me by this fund and got me into treatment and saved my life. Through this fund my mother has somewhat of peace today – she went threw 15 years of misery watching her son kill himself … Read More

Brittney Sabock’s Personal Testimony

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Growing up I did well in school and played softball. I would eventually go to school for nursing. I was never the kid you would have thought would end up being defeated by heroin. At seventeen, a senior in high school, I took my first drink. After that, it was not progressive for me. It went from that innocent red solo cup and a blunt, to eight months later going to inpatient treatment for the first time. I was addicted … Read More

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