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It was a very busy week with The Community Forum, The Drug & Violence Expo and The 2nd Annual Softball Tournament. After these busy times, I am usually hit with intense emotions that trigger a lot of reflection.

I feel incredibly blessed to have found purpose and meaning after losing a part of myself. Robert continues to live on in the most meaningful ways, and through Rising Above Addiction and Reclaiming My Life, he will never be forgotten.

My life can be summed up as bittersweet……..

Mostly I try to focus on the gifts that Robert has given me through his death; however, sometimes the emotions take over and I feel like I am drowning in a pool of grief. It is difficult to describe how it feels to live simultaneously, somewhere in-between life and death, happiness and sadness, freedom and fear, and gifts and punishment.

However, it is existing in-between these conflicting states that have transformed me into becoming the person that I am today.

I lost a child, and I lost a part of me. I will continue to keep the gifts that I have received in the forefront of my life, and I will never forget that……

I do this for you, because of you and in memory of you. ❤ More