The Space between my Heart…

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….. is filled with what used to be, what I knew to be and is now the space within me I move throughout this space, existing simultaneously in between the day before and the day after you died The gifts that were given to me through your death help to solidify the space, attempt to fill the void and bridge the gap that separates our souls There is no love that compares to a Mother’s love for her child, and … Read More

Rising Above Addiction speaks at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church, in Eldersburg, Maryland

This morning Brittney and I were asked to speak at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church, in Eldersburg. We are blessed to have such love and support from our wonderful community. Thank you Elizabeth, Bill, and Sharon for believing in our cause. A note from Rev. Dr. Bill Brown… I always remember something Tammy said to me: “Addiction is not discriminatory; it reaches across all socio-economic and racial boundaries. No one is immune; odds are you already know someone who is … Read More

2017 Drug & Violence Awareness Expo

What an Awesome day! We spoke to over 500 middle schoolers at the 2017 Drug and Violence Expo held at the Carroll County Ag Center in Westminster, Maryland. Although it was sad to see so many students tear up, it meant that they were listening, learning, and getting it. Thank you to everyone for allowing us to share our story in hopes of making change.   Featured in the Carroll County Times… “In third iteration, drug and violence expo still … Read More

A note from Stef Miller…

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​”Its been 6 months about and I wanted to check in with you guys. After I left rehab, I lost my job, my house, I had no money… I was pretty low. But determined to get sober. I went to a recovery house in York, PA. I got connected back to the women that loved and cared about me. Built up my support group. Got a new sponsor and went through the steps again. I got a whole new experience. … Read More

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser & Bake Sale

Thank you so much to everyone that came out and supported the Rising Above Addiction fund raiser tonight! Thank you so much to anyone that took time out of their busy schedules to support this phenomenal cause!!! Our Westminster, Maryland Texas Roadhouse attendees helped us raise $328.69 and our bake sale raised another $170.00.

Softball Tournament with Raven’s Player Carl Davis…. in memory of Kristin Spurrier

1st Annual Rising Above Addiction Softball Tournament in memory of Kristin Spurrier- 2017 Dear Kristin, Yesterday was wonderful! I hope that you were able to feel the love and support from a community that grieves for you. Your death will not be in vain, and you will never be forgotten. Your mother talks about how much of a support you were to people who were struggling. She says you always wanted to help others. Kristin, you are now saving lives! … Read More

Letter from a Rising Above Addiction Recipient…

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I am a grateful recovering addict today. I’m writing this letter to show my gratitude to Rising Above Addiction. I’m a 34 year old woman that has used some substances or another since I was 14 years old. This is the first time that I have ever admitted that I have a problem. And this has been a great experience for me. I have been in rehab for 20 days. I’m going to the Stellar House in Annapolis, Maryland tomorrow. … Read More

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