Discussing Partnerships with the Carroll County State’s Attorney

State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo, Deputy State’s Attorney Ned Coyne, and Drug Treatment Liason Tim Weber had the pleasure today of meeting with several in the community that are very dedicated to helping address the drug abuse challenges we face. Tracey Kuhns & Tammy Lofink are two moms in the county that have endured the heartache of seeing young people battle drug addiction, and they are now actively trying to help save others from the same pain. They have created a … Read More

Happy 19th Birthday Rob

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My Dearest Robert Nineteen years ago, my life changed forever. I gave birth to you; my beautiful baby boy! A struggle from the beginning! Three years of trying! Fertility treatments! You were never going to make things easy☺ I never quit trying for you, even though, at times, I thought it was never going to happen. After three long years, a lot of disappointment, and In Vitro Fertilization, there you were; A beautiful, healthy, baby boy. You were perfect, and … Read More

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