Recovery Service at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church

Last night Connie and I spoke at a recovery service, at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church. We are two moms finding peace, meaning and purpose through the deaths of our sons. We both shared our stories last night in hopes that at least one person left there feeling hope.

As I was talking, I looked out and saw all of the beautiful women from my sober homes. These women save me every day, and I know that Rob is responsible for it all. My beautiful son couldn’t be saved, yet he lives on in the most beautiful and meaningful of ways.

It ended up being a very long night. One of the women, who is very early in her recovery, relapsed. This young lady wants her life back so badly, but her demons keep taking over. It broke my heart to hear her pain of not wanting to start over again. Luckily we got her to the hospital because she used more drugs, and the doctor had to give her Narcan. The doctor told me that she would have most likely died had she not gotten there.

This young lady came to hear me speak last night. After I finished, she was crying. I hugged her and asked if she was okay. She said, yes, I am just so overwhelmed, and I am so thankful for you 💔. She is so lost and wants recovery so badly. I am so thankful that Rob brought her to me.

Addiction steals so much. With love, compassion and understanding we can change lives.

Thank you, Wesley Freedom UMC for having us speak. Connie and I wanted to reach at least one person, and a beautiful young lady was saved.