Drug Overdose Takes Another Life

Liz, I remember sitting at the kitchen table with you, at Rob’s house. You were struggling and starting to travel down the road of relapse. We confronted you, and we gave you the opportunity redirect. You chose to leave the house instead. I can picture us talking at the table, and I am wondering if there was something else we could have said to change your mind.

It is one of the most difficult things to watch someone walk out the door and return to a life of addiction. If I could, I would save everyone.

Liz, you are the first person that we have lost to overdose, since the opening of Reclaiming My Life. I hate this part of it!

You were loved, you will be remembered and you will be missed. I will have the girls get their favorite picture of you, and we will hang it at the house.

Rest In Peace and Love💔

To anyone struggling, please take a moment to listen to the people that see your pain and have your best interests at heart. It can save your life.