A letter to Rob… from Sarah

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Dear Rob,

I haven’t met you in this world but I definitely know you. You were silly, courteous, respectful and so loved by all around you. We share the disease of addiction and because of you and your family I got the chance to recover at, RML, the recovery house opened in your honor. I had no idea who you were when I lived there. There was always so much love in that house though. I met some of my best friends there, learned hard life lessons, cried a lot, laughed more, started dating my now wife, started drug court and went to my first recovery convention while I lived there. I know now in my heart you and that house was a huge part of saving my life.

About 6 months after I moved out of the house, your Mom called me and needed help going to pick someone up. Since then we have been inseparable. Being around people in recovery is amazing. Being around a family that has lost someone to this disease is completely different. I see my Mom, my sister and my dad every single time I look in their eyes and I know that could have been my family. Their love for me, my wife and for everyone else with this disease is unbelievably beautiful. I do believe that you are here with us everyday and I have a strong connection with you. Keep being responsible Rob when necessary and goofy Rob most of the time.

Love you ❤️