A letter to Rob… from Morgana

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Dear Rob,

While I have never met you in person, I feel like I’ve known you for years. Your mother, father and sister keep you alive everyday. While I know for sure if we would have met in person we would either be in jail together or rippin up the town!!

I am extremely grateful for your life as well as your death. I’m sure you know this, but because of you I received a chance that I didn’t deserve. A chance to have an actual life. For that, I owe you, I truly owe you. You also gave me my wife. Without you she wouldn’t be here either. You gave her a chance, and we met because of you. We both speak so highly of you, and we even plan on naming our first child after you. Mason Riley, because without you there would be no us. And there would be no Rising Above Addiction. I could sit here and tell you everything your family has done in your name, but I’m sure you know.

You family has become my family, and even though you’re not physically here, you are always with us. The recovery houses are doing the best they’ve done in a while, because of your love. Your sister is working in a treatment center now. Which amazes me everyday. Your mother and father are pushing hard as ever to get everyone and anyone a chance.

Your spirit will never die Rob.
I am always grateful.

Love Always,
Morgana ❤️