Twelve To Life MC 3rd Annual Halloween Bash & Fundraiser for RAA

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What a nice night of fellowship, love, acceptance and community support. Dimitri, since the day that I met you, you have been one of my biggest supporters. You always seem to sense when I’m struggling, and you make it a point to call and check on me. I notice these things.

Thank you for having me speak last night at the 3rd Annual Halloween Bash & Fundraiser for RAA. Sharing my story helps me to realize that I am not alone and that I am loved.

Great event! Great partnership! Grateful!

Twelve to Life MC, Clean & Sober Rocks!

Twelve to Life Motorcycle Club (TLMC) is a brotherhood of sober bikers who have come together for one common purpose: to ride clean & sober and help others to achieve sobriety. The name Twelve to Life means something. It’s more than a clever play on words. It’s a statement about where we came from—the depths of hell and despair in our addictions—and where the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions has taken us—to a whole new life based on spiritual principles. No longer slaves to alcohol and drugs, our brotherhood seeks to demonstrate to the still sick and suffering addict and alcoholic that a beautiful life is possible without using. TLMC is bound by and promotes the following values:

Loyalty – Respect – Honesty – Integrity – Honor – Love – Service – Unity – Recovery

With these values as our common bond, and sobriety our common journey, TLMC will continue seeking out the still suffering alcoholic and addict, will remain engaged and involved in our community, and will forever stay a brotherhood of clean & sober bikers.
We are a not for profit organization.