The Honorable Judge Brian DeLeonardo

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I remember meeting this man for the first time. I was broken, and I was trying to find a way to make a difference and heal from losing Rob.

It was obvious from the moment that I met him, he was a good person.

Before long, I became a community partner with his office. Together, we were able to get people off of the streets and straight into detox. I remember Brian referring to Rising Above Addiction as, “detox on demand.”

Since that first day of meeting Brian, I have gotten to know him quite well. He is a man of his word, he genuinely cares about people and the community, and he has made a huge difference in the way that addiction is treated.

Brian, I cannot think of anyone more worthy, more qualified, and more dedicated to become a judge of our circuit court.

Thank you for believing in me and in my cause. It has allowed me to find some peace and some purpose in my grief, and it has enabled me to be the mother that I need to be to Leah.

I have no doubt that there is no one more qualified for this position.

Proud to call you my friend!

The Honorable Judge Brian DeLeonardo!
Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office