Thanksgiving 2017

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Every day, I have to make a conscious decision; to find peace and happiness even though half of my heart has been ripped out. And… even though I feel such indescribable pain, I also feel incredible peace, gratitude, strength, and fulfillment.

My daughter Leah has blown me away. She has such grace, strength, resiliency, and a light shines around her constantly. I am in awe of her ability, to not just push through, but her amazing drive to be her absolute best. She has endured too much, yet has managed to accomplish so much. Looking at her reminds me, every day, why life is worth living.

My beautiful son Robert is saving lives. His death has allowed so many young adults to get the treatment they so desperately need and deserve. Through Rising Above addiction, he lives on.


On this Thanksgiving Day, I will try to remain aware of all of the wonderful things in my life. I will celebrate Leah’s success. I will celebrate the lives saved through Rising Above Addiction.

And…. even though my pain of losing Rob is unbearable, I will be mindful of him; how he told me all the time that he loved me… how he made me laugh….how, even when he was mad at me, he would still hold doors open for me… how he would stop on the streets and hug homeless people…how protective he was of Leah….

Most of all, I will be mindful of the two most amazing and beautiful children that I continue to be incredibly proud of.