See RAA on “That Anita Live”

Thank you Anita for having me on your show. Your dedication to helping people overcome challenges is changing lives. It is a blessing and an honor to know you. Thank you for all that you do.

Tammy Lofink is overcoming all the odds. She’s started two non-profit organizations and is a soldier in the war on drugs. She’s the co-founder of Rising Above Addiction and Reclaiming My Life Sober Home. Her motivation is from the heart. Tammy is a different kind of survivor, she lost her son, Robert to a drug overdose when he was eighteen years old.

No one wants their loved one to overdose while experimenting with drugs. I’m sure you can relate to Tammy’s story on some level. She is making her mark to bring change to our society. Through her nonprofits she helps people find treatment and encourages them to remain on the road to recovery. Watch her share her story boldly and bravely.

Thank you so much “That Anita Live” for having Sue, Neta, and I on your show promoting the upcoming This is My Brave Arlington Show!! And thank you This Is My Brave, Inc. for expanding your program in an effort to help break the stigma of addiction.

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