Rising Above Addiction speaks at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church, in Eldersburg, Maryland

This morning Brittney and I were asked to speak at Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church, in Eldersburg. We are blessed to have such love and support from our wonderful community. Thank you Elizabeth, Bill, and Sharon for believing in our cause.

A note from Rev. Dr. Bill Brown…
I always remember something Tammy said to me: “Addiction is not discriminatory; it reaches across all socio-economic and racial boundaries. No one is immune; odds are you already know someone who is affected by this disease.” This is why our partnership with Rising Above Addiction is incredibly important. As a pastor, my heart breaks every time I read about another young person losing their battle to this disease. As a pastor, I’ve conducted too many funerals for young people who have died unnecessarily. Enough is enough. As a church, our vision is to see the lives of people in our community forever changed by God’s grace and love. Rising Above Addiction is doing just that, changing lives.

Thank you Wesley Freedom UMC for being one of our biggest supporters. Together, as partners, we are making changes and saving lives!