Reclaiming My Life… a visit from Crystal

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I came by the Reclaiming My Life house before my class and weeded the flower box and cut the dead stuff out the flower box too.

I’m truly amazed at how well these flowers have grown in these last three to four weeks. It’s also kinda like saying me and all the women who still live here or who have also moved on are growing into beautiful flowers just like the ones I planted in this flower box back in July. This house helped me get to where I am today along with the women that I got to live with and become friends with.

Even more important none of that would have been possible without the help of Tammy Lofink and Brittney Sabock. I love you all and always want to come by the house to help out whenever I can because I don’t want ever forget where I came from on this journey in my life. I love you Sara Hipsley Tryston Peige Smith Anjeanette Cruz-soofi and Jeanine Wallace and Lindsay 😘