ORDER NOW: Book Launch – “Reclaiming My Life” by Tammy Lofink with Sylvia Blair

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Reclaiming My Life has arrived!

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Reclaiming My Life, a new book about addiction, recovery, and healing, has just been released and is now available for purchase. The book takes the reader on a journey through the poignant story of Maryland mother and wife, Tammy Lofink. She experienced a parent’s worst nightmare when her son, Robert Mason Lofink, died of an overdose. Lofink wrote the new book out of a strong desire to help others going through a similar tragedy, or any type of unexpected loss.

The book is timely, given the high rates of addiction that are prevalent in today’s society. Readers will be engaged, inspired, and informed about the impact of addiction on the entire community, through one mother’s unique story. Addiction increasingly is impacting families as youth are becoming involved in drug use earlier and earlier.

The self-published book takes the reader through Lofink’s personal experience of loss and healing.

The grief, suffering, and turmoil which followed Robert’s death were almost too much to bear,” said Lofink. “I decided that I had to change the direction of my life after my son was gone. As a result, I co-founded Rising Above Addiction, which raises funds for urgently needed treatment.

Reclaiming My Life, Lofink’s first book, is a testament to the ability to survive, cope, and rise above even the most difficult of circumstances.

Lofink includes letters that she wrote to her son after he passed away in the back of the book. She writes the letters to express her love directly to him in hopes that somehow he is able to receive her messages to him. The letters express how she believes that Robert’s death is helping to change the trajectory of people’s lives. “If this book helps even one person who is suffering, I will feel honored to have had the opportunity to help in some way,” said Lofink.

Young people who are using drugs, adults whose medication may have led to addiction, and parents of youth who are worried will be riveted by Lofink’s personal story-telling style. With each turn of the page, Lofink surprises, engages, and inspires the reader.

Net proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to Rising Above Addiction, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The book is available by visiting www.RisingAboveAddiction.com/BOOK.

I dedicated and gifted this book to my son, Robert, on his 24th birthday, which we observed on February 21, 2020. I always describe my efforts on Robert’s behalf in this way: For You, Because of You, and In Memory of You. I hope that this book offers inspiration and healing to every person who is meant to read it,” said Lofink. “I also want to thank my co-author, Sylvia Blair, owner of Blair Copywriting and Communications, LLC.,” said Lofink.