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Happy New Year…

I am not big on new year, new beginnings. Never wait for tomorrow to be your best self. However, it does seem like the right time to share this…

Years ago, Sarah was court ordered to obtain sober living in Carroll County. She was from Alabama, but living in Anne Arundel County. She hated Carroll County. She ended up at Rob’s house. Meanwhile, Morgana wanted to come to Rob’s house, but we could not accept her because someone she use to use with was already living there. We didn’t think that it was a good idea to have them together. Instead, we funded her to go somewhere else through Rising Above Addiction.

One night, Sarah and Morgana ended up at a group dinner together. They began dating, and as they say, the rest his history. A few years later, they got married.

About two years ago, they called me. They told me that they were ready to have a baby. They told me that the baby would be named after Rob, using his middle name.

I thought my life was over on September 14, 2014. I had no idea how I was going to go on. I was lost, broken and beaten beyond recognition of who I used to be.

I cannot explain how I got to where I am today, except to accept that there is something so much bigger than myself, to accept that my higher power has bigger plans for me and for Rob, and that somehow purpose and meaning is coming out of tragedy.

I mean, come on, look at her! How can I deny, out of complete hopelessness, there is hope to be found.

Sarah and Morgana, how do I begin to tell you both what this means to me; seeing that you two love Rob so much that you named your baby after him!

The first time I held her, I instantly fell in love, and I was overcome with emotions that I had never felt before. And, looking at her beautiful face, knowing that Rob was a part of her journey getting here, is proof of higher purpose.

It is proof that Rob lives on forever, through helping others to continue to reclaim their lives.

Mason Ryleigh 💗
Robert Mason 💙