Kristin’s New House

I have worked very hard over the past couple of months to have faith that an extremely difficult situation would work out. This situation has tested my faith in my purpose, and it has brought my grief to the raw surface.

Although I am still very emotional, Rob has once again showed me that he is closing one door so that he can move me to where I am meant to be. Unfortunately, the journey of opening a new door always seems to be… Hell in the hallway! I guess it has to be, and it is why I am always so incredibly thankful of the end result, which are the gifts.

The gifts of faith, understanding, and the incredible love and support from people who protect me, believe in me and always have my back.

So… literally a new door will be opening soon.

While I was in California, something happened that I can only explain as Rob. It was not imagined or planned, and everything had to happen… the day that it happened, in the way that it happened, for it to happen.

We have decided to purchase another house, so that all of the women at Keeping My Serenity can have a safe place to call home.

The picture says it all…

For You, Because of You and In Memory of You

Valerie Sarah Morgana Kristina Shannon