Grieving Mothers Connect

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Last night I made a new friend. We are two Mothers brought together due to sorrow and grief. Valerie lost her beautiful daughter Kristen to drugs.
As we shared our stories, I felt indescribable emotion. There is an instant and unspoken bond that forms immediately between Mothers who have lost a child. There is a deep understanding of the pain that becomes our constant companion. There is pure and honest sorrow for each other, and the rawest form of vulnerability can be trusted to share. There is no judgment, there are no rules, and there are no time limits to our grief; we can just be who we need to be.
I picture Rob greeting Kristin to a place free of struggles and pain. I picture Rob with a beautiful new friend. I picture them watching over us and helping us to survive. Most of all, I picture them being so proud that their deaths will not be in vain and that they are now helping to save lives.
Thank you Brad for giving two grieving Mothers an opportunity to continue to heal.