A letter to Rob…

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Grief from losing you is…

Watching an old tv show, and remembering who I was when I used to watch it.
Being out, seeing people living their lives and remembering a time when I was that person.
Keeping your name and number in my favorites, on my phone.
Keeping your room exactly the same, your drawers still filled with your clothes and holding on to every material thing that I have left of yours. Knowing that if I change these things, I will have to acknowledge that you are really gone.
Knowing that I can never sell our home because you remain everywhere here.
Wondering how I am going to get through another holiday season.
Watching your friends and my friends start new chapters in their lives, while I remain stuck in our past.
Desperately longing for just one more hug, and at the same time, knowing it would make me lose you all over again.
Wondering when it will all be okay and knowing that it never will.
Grief from losing you is…
Understanding life on a deeper level of consciousness.
Understanding love in its most purest form.
Never missing an opportunity to tell someone what he/she means to me.
Finding gifts from my loss every single day.
Meeting and knowing the most beautiful people.
Feeling loved unconditionally and completely understood.
Treasuring everything because I understand that it can be taken away in an instant.
Watching you change lives.
Seeing you live on through all of the people that you have saved.
Having the most important job of carrying out your work, here on earth.

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~ Tammy Lofink