A letter to Rob… from Sky

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7 years ago you left many of us heart broken Rob Lofink. You probably don’t even know how often so many people think of you. I hope you do! I always have the same dream about you. We are in our math class from 6th grade and I always see you sitting at your desk. I walk by your desk, and I am overwhelmed with this sense of confusion because I remember in my dream that it’s you. I can see you, I can hear you and I remember you so vividly. I always gasp and say ‘oh my god!’ and look around to tell someone you’re here. You just smirk because you know. You tell me you’re okay, and we hug, and that’s it. We are dressed and look like 6th graders, and it always brings a smile and sometimes a tear to my cheek to think about those days when our biggest worry was getting lunch detention for holding hands. 7 years ago we were 18, and news of your passing was one of the first drug related earth shattering deaths I was exposed to. Little did I know that that was just the beginning. 7 years later, and addiction is still so raw and prevalent in my heart and life. I think of you often, and miss you always. So many people are doing things in your memory and honor, and I think that’s pretty freaking cool. Oh yeah, and as if you didn’t already know this, your mom is a complete bad ass, and has been a godsend to my family and so many others because of the strength you have shown her. Miss you, Rob. Keep doing your thing 🤍😇