Merry Christmas Rob and Kristin…

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Merry Christmas Rob and Kristin,

As your mom and I wake up today without you both, we will hold on to all of the beautiful gifts of life that you each give every day of the year.

Reclaiming My Life and Keeping My Serenity offer love, safety, hope and a fresh start to a life that each woman deserves. Robert and Kristin’s pictures hang by the front doors as reminders of what was lost and why these houses were started. Our hope is that, as the women leave the houses, they are reminded that their choices of the day are literally life and death.

Robert and Kristin, thank you for giving me and Valerie the gift of a beautiful friendship that is born out of tragedy, yet sustained out of love and understanding. Please help us to continue on in this life without you both.

Merry Christmas to each and every mom and dad who have lost a child. Together we survive without a piece of ourselves in hopes that one day we will see our beautiful children again.

For You, Because of You and In Memory of You