The North Carroll Charitable Foundation

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Kathy. Six years ago they were fighting to save their daughter’s life from years of substance abuse. Thankfully, today their daughter is in recovery and doing well. They have taken their pain and challenges and transformed them into a platform to help others. They started The North Carroll Charitable Foundation…

Each year the foundation hosts a golf tournament at Oakmont Green Golf Course. Money raised from the tournament goes to organizations that help people struggling with addiction. This year, they decided to donate the proceeds to Rising Above Addiction and The Triangle Recovery Club.

Mike and Kathy,

Thank you so much for the generous donation, and thank you for your trust and support in Rising Above Addiction. Rob has brought so many special people into my life, and I am blessed to have met you both. I am looking forward to a great partnership, supporting each other in the fight against this terrible disease.

When we all work together, lives are saved!

Visit The North Carroll Charitable Foundation at to learn more.