Softball Practice for Upcoming Tournament

Saturday is the Kristin Spurrier Memorial Softball Tournament. Keeping My Serenity is named after Kristin, using her initials.

Last night, Reclaiming My Life and Keeping My Serenity had a practice after our house meeting. We put a team together for the tournament.

We have a group of amazing women at the houses who continually work hard to be their best selves. I am so proud of each of them, and I am so honored to be able to provide these women with a safe place to call home.

Morgana, Sarah and Alyssa, too much to thank you guys for. Just love♥️

Thanks Erin, for coming out to help last night. I’m really torn on who I will be rooting for. I mean, No Regrets is my team! But, the girls…. They’re my girls. I am really in a tough spot 😂