REAL TALK Carroll County: Promo Video

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We are very excited to finally announce this new TV Show called “Real Talk /Carroll County” A partnership between the Carroll Media Center and the Carroll County States Attorney’s Office. Real Talk is a down-to-earth look at the crisis, intervention, and recovery from a substance use disorder. Would you please take 1 minute and watch the promo and share? The 1st episode is 11:00 P.m. on November 25th, Thanksgiving.

The Community Media Center of Carroll County has partnered with the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office to produce a new pilot series: “Real Talk.” The program is designed to shed light on substance use disorders, remove the stigma about the disease and provide information and resources for those in crisis, seeking treatment or in recovery. Check out the teaser video below and learn more at

The first episode, Real Talk – Crisis, will premiere on cable channel HD-1086 on Thursday, November 25th at 11pm. Initial rebroadcasts will air on November 27th and 28th at 9 p.m. Check the CMC channel guide for additional dates & times.

Hosted by Tim Weber, Community Education Liaison with the Office of the State’s Attorney in Carroll County. Real talk examines the various stages of substance use through candid interviews with real people in our community. The program features people in recovery, family members of those who suffer from a substance use disorder, counselors in treatment centers and law enforcement officers working on the front lines helping to save lives.

Additional episodes focusing on Treatment and Recovery have already been produced and will be scheduled for broadcast in the coming weeks with more episodes planned.
In addition, a resource guide is being added to the CMC webpage that will list various organizations, service providers and other resources available in the county and surrounding area that can help individuals and their families dealing with substance use disorders.

Learn more about REAL TALK at