A note from Stef Miller…

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​”Its been 6 months about and I wanted to check in with you guys. After I left rehab, I lost my job, my house, I had no money… I was pretty low. But determined to get sober. I went to a recovery house in York, PA. I got connected back to the women that loved and cared about me. Built up my support group. Got a new sponsor and went through the steps again. I got a whole new experience. Today… I have my own little apartment on the 3rd floor of a house owned by a couple in AA that I’ve known since I came to York, so its been really good. I have a sponsor who I’m currently working with. I’ve been able to make some amends that have given me incredible freedom and repaired some valuable relationships. It has not been easy, and I wanted to give up a million times!!! But I owe it all to Rising Above Addiction!!! You guys saved me!!! And I could never thank you enough! God bless. And PLEASE let me know if I could EVER do something to repay you or help the next person end their suffering.”

This is what Rising Above Addiction is all about! It provides the resources to take people at the lowest points in their lives and transform them into becoming the beautiful people they are meant to be.

Stef Miller, thank you for sharing your success with us. We are so proud of you!!