My Story: Losing Rob & Starting Rising Above Addiction

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In April 2018, I was approached by Richard Yeagley, a documentary film maker, to create a documentary on my story of losing Rob and starting Rising Above Addiction.

I was hesitant at first; however, after meeting with Richard, I knew this was something that I needed to do.

I have spent the last nine months with Richard, creating something that I hope will raise awareness and help more people get needed treatment.

Thank you Richard for believing in me and my story. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Below is a preview from the film. We will be playing the full documentary on February 7th, at Kennedy Addiction Recovery Center’s Premier of Heroin Still Kills. Tim has asked me to speak at the event. Please come out and join us for an awesome night, to help raise awareness and honor those we have lost to this terrible disease.