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About Rising Above Addiction

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tammy lofink, president and CEO of rising above addiction

A message from our President & CEO

I am overcome with such emotion as I reflect on where life has taken me since my son Rob died. As always, it is very bitter sweet for me. I remember starting Rising Above Addiction; I didn’t know what it would be exactly, but I knew that I wanted to help people. I feel so blessed and thankful that I get to do something so important and meaningful. I do this for Rob, because of Rob and in memory of Rob.

Thank you so much for being a part of Rising Above Addiction and its rising success!

President & CEO Tammy Lofink

A special thanks to keynote speakers…

We’ve been grateful to have wonderful keynote speakers support our organization by spreading Rising Above Addiction’s message and awareness of the ongoing drug epidemic, and the road of recovery. Since our founding, we have had the pleasure of hearing from Darryl Strawberry, Brandon Novak, and Ryan Hampton. We cannot wait to share more stories and touch more lives.

Meet The Founders of Rising Above Addiction

Tammy and Tracey met eight years ago at a back to school party. Both of their sons were getting ready to start middle school. Robert and Ryan had a passion for riding ATVS. Their parents decided to make a date for the boys and their fathers to go riding together. Over the years, Ryan and Robert became best friends.

Robert and Ryan were not easy boys to raise. In fact, they tested every boundary and pushed way beyond the limits. Tracey and Tammy helped one another get through the rough times. They said that they naively thought, “If we can just get the boys through school, they will be okay.” They even planned a girls trip after graduation to celebrate their success. Little did they know that their lives were about to change drastically.

Two weeks after their celebratory trip, Robert died, in his bed, from a heroin overdose; he was only eighteen years old. Eight months later, Ryan was at a treatment center in Florida for addiction.

Tammy and Tracey had a strong calling to turn their tragedies into something meaningful that could help other people. This is how Rising Above Addiction was born.