Happy 20th Birthday Rob

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Happy Birthday Rob, Twenty!!!! What a milestone we would have passed; you leaving your teenage years. I miss you more than ever. I am still fighting this most difficult battle. The first year you were gone I was in a fog; a sense of denial. It all became so much more real after the one year anniversary of your death. I was done with you being gone, and I wanted to demand you back! When you first died, I couldn’t … Read More

Happy 19th Birthday Rob

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My Dearest Robert Nineteen years ago, my life changed forever. I gave birth to you; my beautiful baby boy! A struggle from the beginning! Three years of trying! Fertility treatments! You were never going to make things easy☺ I never quit trying for you, even though, at times, I thought it was never going to happen. After three long years, a lot of disappointment, and In Vitro Fertilization, there you were; A beautiful, healthy, baby boy. You were perfect, and … Read More

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